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First Best Memorial Award at the International Humanitarian Law MCC

Our Faculty’s Moot Court Team have returned back in joining the 2018International Humanitarian Moot Court Competition at the Catholic University of Parahyanagan in Bandung on the 2-4 November 2018. The legacy continued by bringing home 1st Best Memorial and Semi-Finalist Award. The team consisted of Hana and Rafi as the oralists who were guided by the board […]

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia and FH UII Successfully held a Generale Lecture with the theme Constitutional Court and The Protection Citizens ’Constitutional Rights

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 located in the Third Floor Main Auditorium Room of the Post-Graduate Campus of the Faculty of Law UII was held a General Lecture with the theme “Constitutional Court and The Protection Citizens’ Constitutional Rights” by presenting speakers Prof. Dr. Aswanto.S.H., M.H., DFM, Deputy Chief of the Constitutional Court of the Republic […]