Pradana Satya Aji Kusuma Successfully Presented His Paper at Bangkok International Student Conference 2019

Bangkok International Student Conference 2019 (BISC 2019) is an annual routine activity held by the BIR Program where the BIR program is a Bachelor of Political Science Program in Politics and International Relations (English Program) which aims to give priority to high-quality education comparable to international standards. Bangkok International Student Conference 2019 is also one of the activities to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Faculty Political of Science Thammasat University.

Bangkok International Student Conference 2019 takes the theme of Democracy. This is based on a growing issue in Thailand regarding whether Thailand will have its own democracy through a general election process which is currently being warmed up because many parties want it to be realized. Bangkok International Student Conference 2019 took the theme “Redefining Democracy: The New Battleground?”. Bangkok International Student Conference 2019 has been successfully held on January 21-22, 2019. Pradana Satya Aji Kusuma is one of the delegates at the Bangkok International Student Conference 2019. The selection process from Bangkok International Student Conference 2019 is through paper writing selection. After passing the paper selection, the participants who passed immediately became delegates. However, in BISC 2019 there are 4 Conference panels which include Social Media Influences on Electoral Campaign, Voter Education: Stakes over the First Time Voters, Democracy and Economic Development, and Democracy and Populism. Of the four panels, each panel has only 3-4 speakers. Determination of who will be the speaker will be selected by lecturers from the organizing committee based on the paper that passed the delegation selection.

Pradana Satya Aji Kusuma was successfully selected as the speaker in panel 4 entitled Social Media Influences on Electoral Campaign. In the panel Pradana Satya Aji Kusuma talked about the influence of social media on the 2019 election campaign in Indonesia. In the panel there are 2 lecturers as commentators namely Dr. Peera Charoenvattananukul and Dr. Wasin Punthong. Both are lecturers at the Political of science Faculty, Thammasat University. This BISC 2019 has 2 main activities namely the International Conference and Public Forum entitled “Youth Engagement in Politics”. The two events were attended by almost all Asian students and several African countries. However, in the Public Forum, the speakers were from the elite of political parties in Thailand.

Academician Asst.Professor Jittipat Poonkham gave award certificates to delegates who were successfully selected as speakers of the four panels in the International Conference and held a closing ceremony on January 22, 2019. Bangkok International Student Conference 2019 was very extraordinary. As students, we can learn and exchange knowledge about the democracy system and what problems are being faced by their respective countries. In addition, it also trains soft skills from students to be able to make international-standard papers and also to test the ability of participants to speak publicly in international scale competitions. Bangkok International Student Conference left wonderful memories especially for the delegates. The author hopes that events like this will continue to be routinely held every year to produce quality and useful young people for the nation and the State.