Graduation Day Period III 2018/2019

Rector of the Indonesian Islamic University (UII), Fathul Wahid, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D. graduating 735 doctoral, master, bachelor and diploma graduates, at the UII graduation period III 2018/2019, at the Auditorium Prof. Dr. Abdulkahar Mudzakir, UII Integrated Campus, Saturday (1/26). Consisting of 13 experts madia, 674 scholars, 47 masters, and 1 doctorate. Until now, UII has graduated more than 95,571 alumni.

The highest GPA at the master level was achieved by Toni Hartadi from the Accounting Master’s Study Program, graduating with a GPA of 3.92. While at the undergraduate level it was achieved by Nafilatur Rohmah, from the Islamic Economics Study Program with a GPA of 3.96. While at the diploma level, the highest GPA was 3.77, achieved by Muhammad Indra Septiaji from the Diploma Three Diploma in Chemical Analysis

In front of the graduates, Fathul Wahid emphasized that lectures in higher education were not the end of a study trip. In the view of Islam, learning is a lifelong mission, as long as life is still attached, as long as the breath has not faltered, there is no finish line in learning.

“Even though they have passed one stage of education, even in the doctoral program, the knowledge we get is still very little. Humans are not given knowledge by God, but only a little (Qur’an 17:85), while Allah’s knowledge is endless, unlimited, “he said.

Fathul Wahid advised to continue learning, namely by reading more, picnicking, and discussing. Reading is an effort to open a world window. Reading can explore a variety of thoughts, broaden perspectives, enrich inspiration, and further the horizon.

“By reading, you can” jump over the fence “and understand other people with the logic and arguments he developed. Reading here is not only limited to text, but also on natural and social phenomena, “he added.

According to Fathul Wahid, there are many lessons that can be learned when diligently doing a picnic. Picnicking is also an effort to ‘read’ the verses of kauniyah, signs of the majesty of Allah that are attached to the universe. While discussion is another endeavor in learning. Our understanding skills and range of reading are limited.

“The discussion will ignite many things that have been established so far. The discussion will also bring new perspectives that may not have been accessed before. The discussion will build a learning community, “he explained.

The Head of the Region V Higher Education Service Institute of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Dr. Ir. Bambang Supriyadi, CES., DEA. College graduates have not yet dominated HR in Indonesia. Where its presence is still around 15 percent, the rest of the existing human resources are elementary to high school graduates.

In addition, in his remarks, Bambang Supriyadi hoped that college graduates would dare to support the truth, and behave the truth. He said, Indonesia’s perception index of corruption is still at number 37. He compared it with Newzealand, whose perception index of corruption was quite good. According to him, this is also supported by the quality of graduates from universities.

While delivered by UII alumni representatives, Iqbal Himawan, S.E., to realize dreams, commitment and consistency are needed. On the other hand, consistency in one field can make us trapped in routine and Comfort Zone. “Never be afraid of new challenges, with risks that also vary. This is the risk that will always keep us motivated and avoid saturation, “he said.

Iqbal Himawan added, entering the industrial era 4.0 there will be a shift in technology from human power to robots, where empathy will distinguish it. “When working in a large team, when it comes to being a leader and making decisions regarding the fate of many people, Empathy is needed,” said Iqbal Himawan who is an anchor at PT. Indonesian Television Media.