Curiosity of Students to do intern at the Indonesian Commission for the Supervision of Bussiness Competition

Starting 22 January 2019, students at the Undergraduate Study Program of Law have an opportunity to do their internship program at the Indonesian Commission for the Supervision of Bussiness Competition. The Commission and the Faculty of Law UII signed the mutual agreement to support the four main university activities in connection with the role of the Commission in Indonesia. “We have a good relationship so far. We sent our lecturers to the expert staff for the Commission. But we want to do more especially the need of a legal framework to support our student to do an internship program at the Commission.” said the Dean.

On 22 January 2019, the internship program has been started for our four students. They are Dewi Anggraini (Fourth Year Student), Aditya Krisdamara (Fourth Year Student), Caroline Zahira Lathifa (Third Year Student), and Fadhiel Naufaldi (Third Year Student). “They will do the internship for a month. Hopefully, they could gather all the experience during intern at our office” said Ratmawan, staff member of the Commission during the welcoming of our students.

“So far, we do have sufficient numbers of agreements with the external institutions to support the internship program. We do hope that students are able to have freedom to choose and to get more experience during study at the Faculty of Law UII” said Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto, SH, MH, LLM, PhD, the students supervisor of the internship program.