Ardya Syafhana Participated at London International Model United Nations 2019

LIMUN (London International Model United Nations) is an annual event of LIMUN Foundation which consist for more than 2500 delegation from all over the world. Located in cosmopolitan city of United Kingdom, it spend almost 3 days in facilitating intensive debate among the delegates. This year as the 20th edition of LIMUN was held on 22-24 February 2019. The participants acted as state representative of members in UN (United Nations) and was given the chance to represent that state in a council with analysing and formal debate about international issues. As the delegates of particular state, they have their own stances to resolve the issues, negotiate their state interest and then form best solution for the international issues.

Ardya Syafhana is one of the official delegates of Universitas Islam Indonesia which have been selected as the best representation and passed several selection (Administration, interview and speech assessment also simulation test). She was chosen as the person who got highest score and defeat other 25 applicants and was assumed had consistently worked hard and improve her skills to join LIMUN. She joined SPECPOL or (Special Political and Decolonisation Committee) of General Assembly and represented State of Peru. This Council discussed the topic “Belt and Road Initiative – Addressing Concerns of ‘Recolonisation’ “. In the Committee session, Hana or Delegation of Peru argued its perspective about BRI (Belt and Road Initiatives) as an opportunity and foreign policy and it can help the world economic development but did not eliminated several issues which appeared from such China’s Foreign Policy.

The main issues was then raised in how China give loans to some states but such states were not able to pay the debt back. In rectifying their absence of payment, they give China possession over vital public facility like port and military bases. It also covers the problem of collapsing project of BRI in infrastructure sectors. Peru believes that those states must have been considered all the risk and condition so that they finally agreed on the project, so the issue of “Recolonisation” can’t be connected with BRI and it is necessary for the partners to pay the debt and fulfil their performances. The Committee session was closed by adopting Draft Resolution of China and allies (includes Peru).The Document consist of the conclusion of discussion and several solutions and it used the formal form of United Nations Resolutions.LIMUN 2019 gave not only certificate but also prestigious chances for the participants to communicate beyond different culture and nationality. Depending on the knowledge, experience and networks they have been taken from LIMUN, participants were expected as the next generation of world leaders which will be equipped with the ability to deal with global issues in the spirit of cooperation