Our Student Won 2nd Rank at Marvellaw UNNES Competititon

Our law school students once again made achievements. Muhammad Yanuar Sodiq who was a delegate from FKPH LEM FH UII won 2nd place in the National Level Essay Competition in the Marvelaw Unnes Competition 2018 competition. The competition was organized by the Semarang State University Student Executive Body (UNNES) on 12-14 November 2018 in order Anniversary of UNNES.

Yanuar said that “the paper he created is a form of ideas to ratify the international labor organization (ILO) convention and the formation of domestic workers’ unions, the aim of which is that the current labor law has not maximally provided protection for domestic workers. This is because the labor law still focuses on protection for industrial workers simply because it needs to ratify the international labor organization convention which is more efficiently carried out than revising the labor law which is not even at the discussion stage. With the realization of this idea, it is expected that domestic workers can be given maximum protection such as adequate rest periods and a fair payment mechanism. “

There are several obstacles and difficulties experienced by Yanuar in the preparation process of this competition such as the lack of time because at that time it coincided with other competition agendas. However, this difficulty was accompanied by the enthusiasm and ease provided by the supervisors and other friends that did not dampen Yanuar’s enthusiasm for achievement.

“A big thank you to Syarif Nurhidayat as a supervisor, to FKPH, especially the competition department, who from the beginning provided assistance so that I focused on preparing the material, to the FKPH alumni brother who gave a lot of solutions and ideas, to the campus that provided facilities room and accommodation accommodations, as well as all friends who have prayed for and encouraged. This competition is a special prize for FKPH at the end of the management of this period, “said Yanuar.

Yanuar advised “our studentsto be able to achieve more and not only get 2nd place for the next competition, never despair, keep on sharpening their minds, if there are written ideas, because it is one of our efforts to educate the nation’s life by providing solutions to problems faced by this nation and hopefully FKPH will be more prosperous. “