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Protection of Ethnic Minority Rights in Majority Ethnic Countries

Some Efforts to protect minority rights are politically good, social, culture and economy and religious freedom which are non-derogable rights must indeed be voiced because it is supposed to be any sovereign state in the world obliged to provide careful protection in accordance with the aims and objectives of the UN Charter. And Indonesia with the 1945 Constitution article 27.28,29,30, and 31 must also participate in the fight for human rights.

In order to having deep discussion for above problem, The Doctoral Program in Law, the Master Program in Law and Master Program in Notarial Law Faculty of Law Universitas Islam Indonesia held an International Conference entitled “Ethnic Minority Groups in Majority Ethnic Countries”. Located in the Auditorium of the Endowment Agency of the Islamic University of Indonesia on Tuesday, December 17, 2019. Here the Conference presented several speakers such as  Prof. Samina Yasmeen, Director and Founder of UWA’s Center for Muslim States and Societies Australia, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rohaida Nordin, from the Malaysian National University, Assoc Prof. Dr. Muhammadzakee Cheha from Fatoni University Thailand, and Prof. Jawahir Thontowi, S.H., Ph.D, Nandang Sutrisno, S.H., LL.M., M.Hum., Ph.D. and Drs. Agus Triyanta, M.A., M.H., Ph.D, from Faculty of Law Universitas Islam Indonesia.

Also present for opening session, Deputy Chancellor of the Field of Networking and Entrepreneurship of the Indonesian Islamic University Ir. Wiryono Raharjo, M.Arch., Ph.D. Meanwhile it acts as Dr.’s speaker keynote. Sulaiman Syarif. The Secretary General of Law and International Treaties of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia expressed deep concern over the issues of minority communities, especially those living in non-Muslim countries.

Dean Faculty of Law UII Dr. Abdul Jamil, S.H., M.H who was then present and was asked by several media information said that at present many issues are rife about the unpleasant treatment received by minority Muslims from his country. Among these, ethnic Uighur Muslims in China, Rohing in Myanmar, and Muslims in Pathani Thailand. “They need help from the international world.”Avul Jamil’s light. Therefore this International conference is carried out one of which aims to find a solution about the problem above.

Prof. Jawahir Thontowi, S.H., Ph.D. stated that countries that failed to carry out their duties in providing protection, recognition, and respect for human rights especially minority groups need to get attention from the international community, even punishment of either a blockade or an embargo as the Israeli Government’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

Prof. Jawahir urged the UN Human Rights Commission to take appropriate and convincing action to countries that clearly violated the Genocide Convention or violations of humanitarian crimes, urged the Indonesian government to provide assistance to the Uighur tribal community in Xinjiang to be given the right to freedom in carrying out and amending Islamic teachings. Urge Muslim States to help and encourage unity to voice human rights enforcement and judicial proceedings in the International Criminal Court. As well as several other statements related to this.