The realization of the Faculty of Law as rahmatan lil’alamin, committed to Islamic jurisprudence and excels at the national level and is equivalent to a quality and reputable Faculty of Law at the international level.


  1. Organizing legal scholarship that integrates positive law and Islamic law in providing solutions to legal problems both on a national and international scale.
  2. Organizing legal research for the development of legal science of both positive law and Islamic law
  3. Organizing community service through the utilization of legal science and human resources in order to improve the people’s welfare and human dignity.
  4. Organizing Islamic Da’wah in order to form an Islamic society.


  1. Producing high-quality Muslim scholars in the field of law, and national leaders, beneficial to society, mastering the Islamic knowledge, and able to apply Islamic values who are highly competitive.
  2. Producing works in the legal field of international standard and local genius based.