The Faculty of Law of the Universitas Islam Indonesia in collaboration with Coventry University, UK, organized the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Project 2020. COIL Project 2020 takes the theme of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): United Kingdom (UK) and the Indonesian Legal Context. This program is the first integrated online lecture program in Indonesia, bringing in lecturers from the UK and Indonesia. COIL Project 2020 was held from 16 to 22 December 2020, every 19.45 WIB until 21.30 WIB.

The COIL Project is a program created by Coventry University to carry out international online courses. This program was attended by around 165 students from the Undergraduate Program, the Master of Law Program, and the Notarial Law Program of the Faculty of Law of Universitas Islam Indonesia. The lecturers who teach are also experts and law practitioners from the Faculty of Law Universitas Islam Indonesia and Coventry University. These students undertake a six-day program, which is the equivalent of two credits at Coventry University. As the final output, COIL Project participants will provide scientific comments on CSR and Business Ethics Blog.

According to the Chair of the Indonesian Regional Committee, Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto, S.H., M.H., LLM., Ph.D., this program is the first international online course program in Indonesia. COIL Project 2020 was held online for six days through the Zoom. “For the technical issues, we have been assisted by IT Support from the Faculty of Law (Universitas Islam Indonesia) so that the program runs smoothly”, explained Dodik Setiawan.

The COIL Project 2020 was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Law UII, Dr. Abdul Jamil, S.H., M.H., and Coventry University’s Chief Editor of CSR and Business Ethics Blog, Associate Professor Dr. Costantino Grasso LLB, PGDip, LLM, Ph.D., Wednesday (16/12/2020). In his remarks, Abdul Jamil appreciated the implementation of the program and collaboration with Coventry University. Through the 2020 COIL Project, Abdul Jamil hopes that the participants will gain new experiences and knowledge about corporate social responsibility. According to Constantino Grasso, corporate social responsibility has become a separate subject at Coventry University. Through the COIL Project 2020 with FH UII, it is hoped that many new perspectives will emerge in this scientific field.

The program, which was attended by 165 students, was filled with experts and practitioners from Indonesia and England. The lecturers are Dr. Costantino Grasso LLB, PGDip, LLM, Ph.D, Dr. Nadia Naim, John Christensen, Dr. Donato Vozza LLB, PGDip, Ph.D, Dr. Budi Agus Riswandi, SH, M.Hum., Eko Riyadi, SH, MH, Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto, SH, MH, LL.M., Ph.D., Ahmad Sadzali, Lc., MH, and Christopher M. Cason , JD., LL.M.


The Conduct of COIL Project 2020

The second day of the COIL Project 2020 was held on Thursday (17/12/2020). Lecturers who fill in are John Christensen, Director and founder of the Global Tax Justice Network, and Dr. Donato Vozza LLB, PGDip, Ph.D., from Coventry University’s Center for Financial and Corporate Integrity Studies (CFCI). John Christensen delivered material on moral economic responsibility in the tax profession in companies, while Donatto Vozza discussed the protection of witnesses and whistleblowers in cases of violations of social responsibility by companies.

On the third day, Friday (18/12/2020), filled by Dr. Budi Agus Riswandi, S.H., M.Hum., From FH UII and Dr. Nadia Naim from Coventry University. Budi Agus Riswandi presented material on how strengthening intellectual property can affect the optimization of corporate social responsibility.

The fourth day is held on Saturday (19/12/2020). On the fourth day, there were two speakers, namely the Director of the Center for Human Rights Studies at UII, Eko Riyadi, S.H., M.H., and Christopher M. Cason, JD., LL.M, a permanent lecturer at FH UII. Eko Riyadi delivered material on the relationship between human rights and business activities. Eko Riyadi pointed out how the conduct of business activities often results in human rights violations. Meanwhile, Christopher Cason delivered material on the effectiveness of implementing social responsibility by companies from the perspective of the United States.

On the fifth day, Monday (21/12/2020), filled by Ahmad Sadzali, Lc., M.H., and Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto, SH, MH, LLM, Ph.D, from FH UII. Ahmad Sadzali delivered material about Islamic law regarding corporate social responsibility. Meanwhile, Dodik Setiawan delivered material regarding the regulation of corporate responsibility in international law.

In order to support the creation of an outcome in the form of providing scientific comments on the CSR and Business Ethics Blog by the participants, a Writing Camp was held on the sixth day, Tuesday (22/12/2020). Through sessions such as workshops, the participants were instructed on how to technically make scientific commentary material in English. This sixth-day session was guided by two tutors, namely Nur Gemilang Mahardika, S.H., LL.M. and Rahadian Diffaul Barraq Suwartono, S.H.

The implementation of the COIL Project 2020 is the first time at UII and in Indonesia. Previously, Coventry University had carried out the COIL Project with several universities in Europe, such as Paris Nanterre University, University Carlos III, and Copenhagen Business School. The participants of the COIL Project 2020 will later receive a certificate directly from Coventry University. “This event is very special as if we have brought our students to study at Coventry University”, said Dodik Setiawan as Chairman of the Indonesian Regional Committee.

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