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Visiting Professor for Master and Doctor Programs Faculty of Law UII

Master and Doctor Program in Law, Faculty of Law, Universitas Islam Indonesia held a Visiting Professor agenda which was held on 6 Jumadil Ula 1443H/ 11 December 2021 and 18 Jumadil-Ula 1443 H/ 23 December 2021.

Present as a guest speaker at the Visiting Professor batch 1, Prof. Dr. Anis Pattanaprichawang (Academy of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Princess of Naradhiwas University Thailand) and Dr. Abdul Jamil, S.H., M.H. (FH UII) with the moderator M. Syafei, S.H., M.H with the theme “Role and Challenges of Islamic Family Law in the Time of Pandemic”.

Delivered by Dr. Jamil that in western society modernism contains the notion of thoughts, schools, movements and efforts to change old understandings and customs so that they can be adapted to new opinions and conditions brought about by the development of science and technology. According to him, the renewal of Islamic family law is an effort to adapt Islamic family law to new developments. “It does not mean changing, reducing or adding to the text of the Qur’an and Hadith,” he added.

Furthermore, the Visiting Professor batch II presented Prof. Dr. Farid Sufian bin Shuaib (Professor in Constitutional Law, Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws International Islamic University of Malaysia0 and Prof. Dr. Ni’matul Huda, SH, M.Hum. (FH UII) with the theme “Bending the Constitution in Managing Life and Politics during the Pandemic?: The Malaysian and Indonesian Experience”.

Prof. Dr. Farid Sufian bin Shuaib said that political dynamics occurred with various changes in prime ministers in Malaysia after the 2018 election. According to him, the issues that developed later were not only health but also related to people’s freedoms, rights to privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of speech, property rights. “There was a proposal to postpone the election, but it was not done and still fill government positions,” he said.

Furthermore, expressed by Prof. Ni’matul that there was a tug-of-war between the central government and local governments in handling COVID-19 in Indonesia. He also added that the implementation of regional head elections at that time also seemed forced, even though according to him, in a pandemic, health matters should be the main thing and be considered by the government.