Academic Leave

Students on Academic Leave are students who postpone all academic activities or are inactive for a certain period of time of which the leave has been approved by the Head of the Program, with the following provisions:

  1. Having an active status;
  2. Academic leave can only be taken at least in the second semester;
  3. The duration of the leave is a no less than one semester and no longer than two semesters either consecutively or non-consecutively.
  4. The leave application should be submitted before the end of the next semester’s registration period.
  5. The leave application should be submitted to the Secretary of the Master Program in Notarial Law UII through Academic Admission by filling in the form provided and attaching the following:
    1) A copy of Student Card
    2) Certificate of having no collection loans and fines in the library
    3) Thesis Supervision Progress Sheet
    4) A copy of the last tuition fee payment receipt
    5) A copy of leave fee payment receipt according to the applicable regulation.
  6. Students on academic leave are exempted from tuition fees.
  7. Extension of academic leave should be done by applying for extension of academic leave through Academic Admissions by submitting the leave application from the program.
  8. Students on academic leave can reactivate the student status with the following provisions:
    1) Submitting an application for reactivation through the Academic Admissions by filling out the form provided.
    2) Attaching the Academic Leave Permit (the first/extension).
    3) Making financial administration payments (tuition, registration, etc.) in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  9. Students on academic leave who have reactivated the student status can take course credits according to the last GP and GPA before taking the leave.
  10. The period of academic leave does not count as study period.