Alumni Profile of Master Program In Law Faculty of Law UII


A. Basic Philosophy
The profile of graduates is depicted through an octagon above the Pyramid. The octagon is intended to symbolize religious iconography in Islamic civilization and the pyramid represents a solid foundation.

B. Graduate Profile Foundation
The pyramid consisting of three layers: Islamic values, universaility, and nationality symbolizes the basis to shape graduate profile, with Islamic values having the largest proportion. These basic values are explained as follows:
1) Islam
Islam serves as the basic value to shape the graduate with the following profile:
a. Graduates of UII are devoted to Allah SWT and show a religious attitude;
b. Graduates of UII are Muslim scholars and leaders of the nation who are pious, have noble character, are knowledgeable and do scientific deeds.
c. Graduates of UII carry out Islamic da’wah in the context of realizing Islam as rahmatan lil alamin (mercy for the whole universe).

2) Universality
Universality is the basic value to form graduates with the following profiles:
a. Graduates of UII implement universally applicable good values in the fields of science, leadership, and professionalism;
b. Graduates of UII have the competitive value and spirit equivalent to that owned by the graduates of other highly reputable university in developed countries.

3) Nationality
Nationality is the basic value to shape graduates with the following profiles:
a. Graduates of UII contribute to improving the quality of life in society, as a nation, a state, and for the progress of civilization;
b. Graduates of UII respect the diversity of cultures, religions and beliefs, as well as the opinions of others;
c. Graduates of UII abide by the law and lead a disciplined habit in social and state life.

The green color on the Pyramids symbolizes the nature or religious spirit and the continuity of life.

C. Graduate Output
Graduate output is symbolized by the core of the octagon that denotes the graduates who have integrity and responsiveness in their respective role. In particular, the core of octagon represents the following features:
a. The word “integrity” indicates that the graduate of UII’s Master’s Program in Law has a proven quality and commendable character, or profile in an integrated unity that lead them to acquire skills and ability that reflects morality;
b. the word “responsiveness” implies that the graduates of Master’s Program in Law are known with their intelligence; autonomy, multi-perspectiveness, partisanship, and adept ability to absorb aspirations and answer community problems.
The yellow color in the octagon core represents success and the red color symbolizes the strength and courage of graduates in upholding truth and justice.

D. Expected Role
The outer layer of the octagon represents the role of graduates in some sectors, with academics being the largest, followed by practitioners, and community activists. Each role is explained in the followings:
a. Academics are masters of law graduates who have research expertise in the field of law and play an essential role in education, research and community service.
b. Practitioners are masters of law graduates who have expertise in the legal profession, such as judges, prosecutors, lawyers/legal consultants, or legal officers.
c. Community Activists are masters of law graduates who are able to initiate and play an active role in community services in the field of law for religious, social, cultural interests and/or the rights of the public at large.

The blue color on the outer layer of the octagon symbolizes assertiveness or authority that reflects the idealism and spiritual inspiration of graduates’ integrity.

E. Proportion of Graduates’ Role
Each role has a different proportion with the highest priority being academics, followed by practitioners, and community activists. This is due to the fact that Master of Law education is more oriented towards academic development.