Curriculum Structure


To meet graduate learning outcomes, course learning in the curriculum structure has been designed. The development of the curriculum structure is adjusted to the accuracy of the position of the courses, based on the rank of whether the course could be integrated with other courses, both vertically and horizontally. In addition, the development has also been adjusted to the student’s learning load. The development process of the curriculum structure of the Master Program In Law involves all the lecturers of the study program and then stipulated by the study program.

All the courses listed in the structure below are mandatory. The courses consist of 18 credits for semester 1, 18 credits for semester 2, and 6 credits for final assignment (thesis). As for semester 2, the courses are one of the seven available concentrations (Main Study Areas/BKU) of law that students are interested in.

The table below is a description of the curriculum structure of the Master Program In Law:

Curriculum Structure

Code Course Translation of Course Name into English Type of Learning Credits Prerequisite
Semester 1
MHK101 Filsafat Hukum Philosophy of Law Blended 3 NA
MHK102 Teori Hukum Legal Theory Blended 3 NA
MHK103 Politik Hukum Politics of law Blended 3 NA
MHK104 Metodologi Penelitian Hukum Legal Research Methodology Blended 3 NA
MHK105 Sosiologi Hukum Sociology of Law Blended 2 NA
MHK106 Hukum dan  Pembangunan Law and Development Blended 2 NA
UNI501/ UNI601 Islam Ulil Albab Islam Ulil Albab (Islam of The Intellectuals) Offline 2 NA
Total credits in semester 1 18
Semester 2
MHK201 Hukum Perusahaan dan Kepailitan Company and Bankruptcy Law Blended 3 NA
MHK202 Hukum Kontrak Contract Law Blended 3 NA
MHK203 Hukum Perdagangan Internasional International Trade Law Blended 2 NA
MHK204 Hukum Perbankan Banking law Blended 2 NA
MHK205 Hukum Investasi dan  Pasar Modal Investment Law and Capital Markets Blended 2 NA
MHK206 Hukum Kekayaan Intelektual Intellectual Property Law Blended 2 NA
MHK207 Hukum Persaingan Usaha Competition Law Blended 2 NA
MHK208 Penyelesaian Sengketa Bisnis Business Dispute Resolution Blended 2 NA
MHK209 Teori dan  Hukum Konstitusi Theory and Constitutional Law Blended 3 NA
MHK210 Negara Hukum dan Demokrasi The rule of law and democracy Blended 2 NA
MHK211 Dimensi-Dimensi Hukum Administrasi Perspectives of Administrative Law Blended 3 NA
MHK212 Sistem Peradilan Administrasi Administrative Justice System Blended 2 NA
MHK213 Hukum Otonomi Daerah Regional Autonomy Law Blended 2 NA
MHK214 Hukum Kepartaian dan Pemilu Political Parties and General Election Law Blended 2 NA
MHK215 Hukum Pajak dan  Keuangan Negara Tax Law and State Finance Blended 2 NA
MHK216 Teori dan Ilmu Perundang-Undangan Theory of Legislation Blended 2 NA
MHK217 Sistem Peradilan Pidana Criminal Justice System Blended 3 NA
MHK218 Pembaharuan Hukum Pidana Criminal Law Reform Blended 3 NA
MHK219 Hukum Pidana dan  Hak Asasi Manusia Criminal Law and Human Rights Blended 2 NA
MHK220 Hukum Pidana dan  Kebijakan Publik Criminal Law and Public Policy Blended 2 NA
MHK221 Penegakan Hukum Pidana Criminal Law Enforcement Blended 2 NA
MHK222 Hukum Pidana dan  Perkembangan Ekonomi Criminal Law and Economic Development Blended 2 NA
MHK223 Hukum Pidana dan  Perkembangan TI Criminal Law and IT Developments Blended 2 NA
MHK224 Perlindungan Terhadap Korban Kejahatan Protection of Crime Victim Blended 2 NA
MHK225 Hukum Perbankan Syariah Sharia Banking Law Blended 3 NA
MHK226 Hukum Kontrak Dalam Islam Contract Law in Islam Blended 3 NA
MHK227 Hukum Asuransi Syariah Sharia Insurance Law Blended 2 NA
MHK228 Hukum dan  Ekonomi Dalam Islam Law and Economics in Islam Blended 3 NA
MHK229 Hukum Pasar Modal Syariah Sharia Capital Market Law Blended 2 NA
MHK230 Hukum Lembaga Keuangan Syariah Sharia Financial Institutions Law Blended 3 NA
MHK231 Penyelesaian Sengketa Bisnis Syariah Sharia Business Dispute Resolution Blended 2 NA
MHK232 Politik Hukum Agraria Politics of Agrarian Law Blended 3 NA
MHK233 Hukum Pengadaan Tanah Land Acquisition Law Blended 2 NA
MHK234 Hukum Tata Ruang Spatial Law Blended 2 NA
MHK235 Hukum Pertanahan Land Law Blended 3 NA
MHK236 Hak Tanggungan Atas Tanah Land Security Law Blended 2 NA
MHK237 Hukum Sumber Daya Agraria Agrarian Resources Law Blended 3 NA
MHK238 Penyelesaian Konflik Agraria Land Dispute Settlement Blended 3 NA
MHK239 Hukum Kesehatan dan  Bioetika Health and Bioethics Law Blended 3 NA
MHK240 Hukum Obat dan  Makanan Drug and Food Law Blended 2 NA
MHK241 Hukum Kesehatan Health Law Blended 3 NA
MHK242 Hukum Pelayanan Kesehatan Health Services Law Blended 2 NA
MHK243 HAM di Bidang Kesehatan Human Rights in the Health Sector Blended 2 NA
MHK244 Hukum Kesehatan Masyarakat Public Health Law


Blended 2 NA
MHK245 Hukum Rumah Sakit Hospital Law


Blended 2 NA
MHK246 Hukum Pidana Kesehatan Health Criminal Law


Blended 2 NA
MHK247 Hukum HAM dan Humaniter Internasional International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Blended 3 NA
MHK248 Hukum Internasional Islam Kontemporer Contemporary Islamic International Law Blended 2 NA
MHK249 Politik Hukum HAM Indonesia The Politics of Indonesian Human Rights Law Blended 2 NA
MHK250 Hukum Laut dan Lingkungan Internasional International Maritime and Environmental Law Blended 3 NA
MHK251 Hukum Pidana Internasional International Criminal Law Blended 2 NA
MHK252 Hukum Perjanjian Internasional International Treaty Law Blended 2 NA
MHK253 Hukum Ekonomi dan Bisnis Internasional International Economic and Business Law Blended 2 NA
MHK254 HAM dan Perubahan Sosial Human Rights and Social Change Blended 2 NA
Total credits in semester 2 18
MHK301 Tesis Thesis Blended 6 N/A
TOTAL CREDITS (Semester 1-3) 42