Students Status

  1. Active Student
    • Active students are students who are registered or have been registered every semester.
    • Active students are entitled to the full rights as students of the UII Master’s Program in Law, including participation in academic activities, and obtaining administrative and academic services.
  2. Student on Academic Leave of Absence
    Students on Academic Leave of Absence refers to students who postpone all academic activities or are inactive for a certain period of time with the permission of the Program Chair, provided that:

    • The student bears the status as an active student;
    • Academic leave can only be implemented at least in the second semester;
    • The minimum length of leave is one semester and a maximum of two semesters, either consecutively or not.
    • Applications for academic leave are submitted before the end of the next semester’s registration period.
    • Applications for academic leave are submitted through the Directorate of Academic Services
    • Students who are planning to have an academic leave must apply for academic leave permission by filling out the form provided by the Faculty by attaching the following documents:
      1) Application letter for academic leave permission signed by the Dean
      2) Photocopy of Student Identity Card
      3) Certificate of Library Clearance from the Central and Faculty Library
      4) A photocopy of the receipt for the last tuition installment payment for the academic year concerned
      5) Receipt for payment of academic leave administrative tuition from the Bank (original).
      6) Cumulative KHS (academic record) which has been signed by the Head of the Program
      7) Students can take an Academic Leave Permit signed by the Vice Rector I no later than 2 days after the request for leave is submitted
      8) Extension of leave must include a letter of application for leave from the Faculty. Students on an academic leave are exempt from any charges of tuition.
    • Academic leave is extended by submitting an application for extension of academic leave to the Academic Admission by returning the application letter for leave from the program.
    • Students on academic leave can re-enroll by:
      1) Submitting a letter of re-enrollment through Academic Admission by filling out the form provided.
      2) Attaching Academic Leave Permit (initial/extension).
      3) Paying administrative charges (tuition fee, enrollment fees, etc.) in accordance with applicable regulations
    • By applying for re-enrollment after an academic leave, students can take credits according to the last Grade Point Average Semester and Cumulative Grade Point Average before the leave.
    • Academic leave period is counted as study period.
  3. Inactive Student
    a. Inactive students are students who are not registered as active students or those who do not register for one semester or more without the permission of the Program Chair.
    b. Inactive students cannot exercise their rights as students to participate in academic activities and to enjoy academic services.
    c. Students who are inactive for more than two consecutive semesters in the first year without prior permission from the Program Chair will have to discontinue from Master’s Program in Law and are not allowed to apply for re-enrollment.
    d. Inactive students who will apply for re-enrollment are required to pay administrative charges (tuition fees, registration, etc.) in accordance with applicable regulations.
    e. Inactive students who re-enrol can take credits according to the last Grade Point Average Semester and Grade Point Average before being inactive.
    f. The period of inactivity is calculated as the study period.
  4. Academic Sanction
    Students who commit academic violations or academic dishonesty will be subject to academic sanction in accordance with the applicable provisions in the Master’s Program in Law of UII.