A. Definition of Thesis

A thesis is a scientific work that serves as a final assignment as one of the requirements for the attainment of a Master’s degree. The thesis covers the aspects of substance and methodology. The problems that can be selected as a Thesis topic in the Master Program of Law of Universitas Islam Indonesia include normative studies, theoretical studies, practical studies, and/or a combination of these aspects. 

To guarantee the quality of the thesis written by the students, PSHPM UII encourages students to conduct research on actual legal issues by using an interdisciplinary or collaborative approach that is useful for the development of science and policy making.

In the thesis writing, it is expected that students use new thinking, such as gender, progressive law, the interconnection of positive law and Islam. These studies expectedly increase the productivity and welfare of the community.

B. Thesis Weight

The weight of the thesis is calculated based on a semester credit that is equivalent to 6 (six) credits.

C. Thesis Writing Requirements

To start writing a thesis, students are required to:
1. Have taken all the subjects in Semester 1 (one).
2. Have passed the Legal Research Methodology subject with a minimum of grade B.
3. Have paid the tuition at least until the third installment.

D. Procedure for Thesis Supervision Application

The entire procedure for the final assignment starting from the application for a supervisor to the thesis defense is conducted through the Final Assignment System (SISTA) which can be accessed at
1. Procedure for Thesis Writing

  • Submitting an application for a thesis title and thesis supervisor to the Head of the Program through the SISTA application
  • After obtaining a Decision on Supervisor (SK) and a supervision progress sheet, the student should meet the supervisor for a thesis supervision
  • The supervision progress should be recorded in the supervision progress sheet or in the online supervision feature provided in SISTA. The record will be a supervision progress report document.
  • The thesis supervision should be done within a period of 6 (six) months since the issuance of the Decision on the Determination of Thesis Supervisor by the Head of the Program.
  • If the student has not completed the thesis writing after the period of supervision has ended, the student should be given an extension of supervision 1 (one) time with a period of 6 (six) months. If after the first extension of the supervision period the student has not completed the thesis writing, then for the next extension, the student will be charged a fee of IDR 750,000 per 6 months.

2. Supervisor Criteria

  • Lecturers who can be thesis supervisors are teaching lecturers of the Study Program and/or permanent lecturers of the Faculty of Law UII who have a doctoral degree with an academic rank no less than an assistant professor.
  • The appointment of Thesis supervisors is based on the scientific competencies of the lecturers which are relevant to the research topic proposed by the student and based on the supervision quota.
  • Each student should be supervised by 1 supervisor, but it is possible to have 2 supervisors for one student if the topic of the research is interdisciplinary.

3. Change of Supervisors
a. The students can apply for a change or addition of a supervisor to the Head of the Program no later than 2 (two) months from the start of the supervision period
b. The change or addition of the supervisor can be done if:
1) the results of the proposal seminar recommend a change or addition of supervisors;
2) communicating with the supervisor is difficult;
3) the supervisor requests the change or addition; or
4) the supervision period has ended.
5) The change of supervisor is charged IDR 500,000.

4. Supervision Process
Thesis supervision is divided into 2 parts:
a. Proposal Supervision
1) The proposal supervision should start after the Decision of the appointment of supervisors has been issued
2) The supervision should start from the title writing until the proposal has been declared as accepted, in terms of the writing structure and substance, to be submitted for a proposal seminar.
b. Thesis Supervision
1) The thesis supervision continues the results of the proposal seminar
2) The supervisor is obliged to review or assess the writing of each chapter.
3) The completion of the supervision is marked by a statement of acceptance, in terms of the writing structure and substance, to be submitted for a thesis defense.

5. Thesis Revision after Defense
If there is a revision of the thesis after a thesis defense, the revision should directly be consulted to the examiners who recommend the revision. Thesis revision is a requirement to register for graduation.

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Thesis Assessment Guidelines Table

Thesis Evaluation Description of Thesis Evaluation Evaluation Weight
Proposal Seminar A proposal seminar is held to evaluate:

a.       Problem Identification and Formulation

b.       Background and Originality

c.       Theoretical basis

d.       Method

Thesis Defense a.      Literature review

b.      Data collection / legal materials

c.      Data processing

d.      Data analysis

e.      Research findings

f.       Analysis and discussion

g.      Conclusions

h.      Plagiarism checking

i.       Research result presentation

j.       Writing Format

k.      Novelty of research