Study Program Quality Objectives of Undergraduate Program In Law

No Indicator Target
1 Accreditation and or certification of study programs at the international level 1 International certificate
2 Percentage of foreign students 1%
3 The average value of the graduate’s professional competence 3,5
4 Percentage of lecturers with scientific publications in reputable international journals or patents 12%
5 Number of lecturer’s scientific works published in international forums 78
6 Percentage of lecturers who received community service grants from external 12%
7 Stakeholder satisfaction level with study program services 85%
8 Percentage of graduates with standard length of study 90%
9 Stakeholder satisfaction level with study program facilities 85%
10 Average Lecturer Performance Score 3,5
11 Percentage of graduates working within three months 80%
12 Implementation level of cooperation with the world’s top 500 universities Two activities
13 Percentage of foreign lecturers 1%
14 Reputation of lecturers who are active in Islamic da’wah at the national or international level 20%