Expected Learning Outcome

The expected learning outcome of the Study Programme are:

  1. Attitude
    1. Able to show attitudes that reflect Islamic values, professionalism and leadership in the life of nation and state;
  2. Mastery of Knowledge
    1. Mastering the principles, theories, doctrines, positive legal norms and Islamic law to solve contemporary problems in national and global scope;
    2. Mastering the basic methods of legal philosophy, legal ethics, language and legal research methods;
  3. Special Skills
    1. Able to do legal research that is used in solving legal problems;
    2. Able to apply the ability of civil and criminal proceedings and compile contract legal documents, academic texts, draft legislation;
    3. Able to perform legal counseling in the community apply community empowerment techniques through real work and contribute to the progress of society;
  4. General Skills
    1. Able to apply logical, critical, systematic and innovative thinking, and be able to study the development and implementation of science and technology, and can provide solutions, ideas, designs, or art criticism;
    2. Able to compile a scientific description of the results of the study, documents, storage, securing, and rediscovering data to ensure validity and prevent plagiarism;
    3. Able to demonstrate independent, quality, and measurable performance; can solve problems; able to develop networks inside and outside the institution;