Course Work Completion Status

  1. Requirements Course Work Completion Status
    Students who will close the theory must meet the following requirements:
    a. Have passed 142 credits (all courses except Final Assesment) with the following composition:
    1) pass the compulsory 135 credits; and
    2) pass 8 credits of elective courses which include: Free Choice Courses, Legal Proficiency Elective Courses, and Islamic Law Elective Courses
    b. Minimum GPA 2.75
    c. Have taken 60 Participation Credit Units (SKP) as applicable and graduated with a minimum score of B for students starting from the 2018/2019 class. Meanwhile, the previous batch of students have passed BTAQ, LKID, and PNDI with a minimum grade of C.
    d. There are no courses with an E or F grade.
    e. All courses below must get a minimum grade of C.

    No. Course
    1 Introduction to Legal Science
    2 Introduction to Indonesian Legal System
    3 Introduction to Islamic Law
    4 Private Law
    5 Criminal Law
    6 Commercial Law
    7 Indigenous Law
    8 International Law
    9 Constitutional Law
    10 Agrarian Law
    11 Law of Private Procedure
    12 Theory of State
    13 Law of State Administration
    14 Law of Criminal Procedure

    f. The courses below must get a minimum grade of B for students starting from the 2018/2019 class.

    No. Course
    1 Advocacy
    2 Contract Drafting
    3 Legislative Drafting
    4 Practice Investigation and Prosecution
    5 Practice of Criminal Court
    6 Practice of Civil Court

    g. The courses below (University Compulsory Courses) must get a minimum grade of C

    No. Course
    1 Islamic Belief
    2 State Ideology
    3 Civics
    4 Indonesian
    5 English
    6 Social Services
    7 Islam Ulil Albab
    8 Islam Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin
    9 Study on Islamic Leadership
  2. Course Work Completion Status is done by means of students downloading the completion status form at, filled in completely and asked for a DPA c.q signature. DPA companion and sent to Google Classroom Close Theory.
  3. Close Theory document will be sent back via Google Classroom Close Theory no later than two working days after the form is submitted.
  4. Close theory is an absolute requirement that must be passed by students before registering themselves as participants in the final assignment/enlightenment exam.