Credit Transfer Program Joint Degree Program Inbound Mobility

International Exposure

The International Exposure Experience can be done through four categories, as follows:

  1. Participating in a student exchange or double degree or credit transfer;
  2. Engaging in an international course in a short-term period, such as summer or winter course;
  3. Engaging in an international conference;
  4. Participating in an international competition.

The First Categories is considered clear since these activities are also managed by the International Office of UII. To know about FH UII’s partner universities for joining an exchange program you may see at UII’s International Office. 

The second categories shall comply with the following requirements.

  • The taken course shall have a tight correlation with the legal issues. It will be better if the course is fit with the student’s concentration study.
  • Minimum duration of the international course shall be five days.

The third categories shall adhere to the following requirements.

  • This conference can be done either abroad or in Indonesia. If the latter condition applies, the student shall ensure that the conference is really an international conference. It can be indicated by the institutions which support the conference and the language used during the conference.
  • The student shall act as a speaker, and NOT as a participant. Therefore, the faculty may conduct screening the presented paper made by the student.

The fourth categories shall in line with the following requirements.

  • The competition shall be about legal issues.
  • The competition shall be held by a reputable and qualified institution. As it is mentioned in the section of the international course, reputable and qualified institution refers to (i) Reputable University; AND/OR (ii) Reputable INGO; AND/OR reputable IO.