Study Program : Law
Educational Level : Bachelor of Law
Amount of Lecture : 77 (include practitioner lecturer)
Amount of education staff : 45
Website : www.uii.ac.id and www.law.uii.ac.id
Degree : Bachelor of Law (SH)
Year of Established : 1948
Amount of alumni : 14.833
Amount of Semester : 8 Semester
Accreditation : Akreditasi Unggul (SK BAN-PT No. 8840/SK/BAN-PT/AK-ISK/S/VI/2021)
Graduate Profile : bring forth to legal scholars with integrity and professionalism based on Islamic values, nationality, independence, and universality that are ready to act as legal practitioners (PH), academics (A), and community activists (PM)
ELO : Mastery of General Knowledge, Special Skills, Attitudes and General Skills
Qualifications of Prospective Students : Graduated from SMA / SMK / MA, Passed New Students Admission Exam
Main of Learning Process : based student center learning that contains Islamic, integrative, transformative, scientific, thematic, effective and collaborative values.
Form of Learning : organize lecturer, practice, research, and dedication
Credit(s) : total 147 credits, consist of 139 credits (58 main mandatory subject) and 8 credits elective subject (4 subjects from 86 elective courses offered).
Final evaluation method : Passed minimum credit(s), submit coursework completion status, complete final paper (Thesis) and passed the thesis defense. Final paper can be Thesis/ Legal Memorandum/Legal Case Studies.
Field of graduate work : Academics, Practitioners and Social   Activists
Website : www.uii.ac.id and www.law.uii.ac.id
Curriculum : Curriculum 2017
Syllabi and RPS arranged : 1. Based on development of positive law
2. Based on principles of Islamic Law
Type : Mandatory and Elective subjects
Correlation of courses with ELO adjusted
Learning IT System : Unisys and Google Classroom
Learning Method : Student Centered Learning and Problem Based Learning
Learning Evaluation : Evaluation ELO and CPMK (course learning outcomes)
Monev of learning : conducted regularly every semester (periodic) by internal quality assurance agency and evaluation of DO / PO. Monev in related 4 year study period.
Update Period : 30 August 2018