Students have passed the undergraduate program if they meet the following graduation requirements:

  1. Passed the required credits and passed the CEPT/TOEFL score;
  2. Passed the requirements of thesis examination;
  3. Passed thesis examination with a minimum grade of B;
  4. Minimum GPA 2,75;
  5. Doing the administrative requirements;
  6. Published a scientific paper related with the thesis based on the UII law;

The Head of the Study Program reports students who have fulfilled the requirements to graduate to the Dean to submit their graduation approval to the Rector. The Rector issues a diploma for students who have graduated. A student with the diploma is declared to have the right to use the degree of Sarjana Hukum (S.H.).

Graduation Achievement Index as the basis for determining the graduation predicate is determined as follows:



2,75 Graduated with Good predicate
2,76 – 2,99 Graduated with Very Good predicate
3,00 – 3,50 Graduated with Distinguish predicate
3,51 – 4,00 Graduated with honor (Cumlaude)

Graduation with honor (Cumlaude) is only applied for students with a maximum study period of four years and three months (according to University Regulations No. 2 of 2017 Article 28) and does not apply to transfer students or students moving from other schools.