The Faculty of Law of the Universitas Islam Indonesia (FH UII) once again held international scale activities. This time, FH UII invited Professor Andrew Mitchell from the University of Melbourne, to come to Yogyakarta.

Prof. Andrew came at the invitation of FH UII. According to the Secretary of the International Undergraduate Program, Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto, S.H., M.H., LL.M., Ph.D., Prof. Andrew was invited as one of the visiting professor programs organized by FH UII. “This program is one of the internationalization steps undertaken by the Law Faculty”, said Dodik Setiawan.

Prof. Andrew visited FH UII for three days. In accordance with the invitation of FH UII, Prof. Andrew shared his knowledge in several activities with the UII academic community. On Tuesday (11-11-2019), Prof. Andrew shared his knowledge with post-graduate students of FH UII in the General Lecture on International Trade Law. The event was held at the FH UII Postgraduate Campus, Jalan Cik Ditiro Number 1, Yogyakarta. At the event, Prof. Andrew investigated international trade law.

On Wednesday (11-11-2019), an International Seminar was held with Prof. Andrew as one of the speakers. Besides Prof. Andrew, the seminar was also filled by Christopher Cason, JD., FH UII’s foreign lecturer from the United States, and Nandang Sutrisno, S.H., LL.M., M.Hum., Ph.D., an international law expert of FH UII. The International Seminar was attended by at least 150 participants from various groups.

After the International Seminar, Prof. Andrew also shared his knowledge with the students of the Moot Court Faculty of Law UII. Prof. Mitchell, who is also the coach of the moot court team at the Law School of the University of Melbourne, shares tricks before and after the race.

Besides sharing his experiences and knowledge, Prof. Andrew was also invited to meet with the leaders of FH UII. At the meeting, FH UII hoped to establish more collaboration with the University of Melbourne. Prof. Andrew said he was happy to visit Indonesia at the invitation of FH UII. “It’s nice to be here,” he said.